December 2020

Sustainable Japanese wooden satellite

Wooden Satellites

Sustainability Blog Wooden satellites Sustainable wooden satellites   Japanese company Sumitomo Forestry and Kyoto University have joined forces to reduce climate change caused by space junk. Satellites are increasingly being used for communication, television, navigation and weather forecasting. There are currently nearly 6,000 satellites circling Earth, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF). Research firm […]

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The sustainable Doughnut Economy

Doughnut Economy

Sustainability Blog Doughnut Economy 17.5 The Doughnut Economy A sustainable economy is a win, win for everyone. Therefore since April 2020 the city of Amsterdam is planning to introduce the so-called Economical Doughnut model into the management of its city. This diagram was developed by Oxford economist Kate Raworth and looks like a doughnut. It is

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Izhcayluma sustainable eco lodge


Sustainability Blog Izhcayluma 14.5 Izhcayluma Eco Lodge Many new (fancy) Eco Lodges aim on high end tourism, which makes them vulnerable to fluctuations and often put them out of price range for national tourism. Instead the rustic Izhcayluma Eco Lodge in Vilcabamba, Ecuador has come close to implementing many of the recommendations about sustainable tourism.

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Safari wildlife tourism in Africa

Sustainable projects

Sustainability Blog Sustainable projects 14.4 Sustainable tourist projects   A search online will provide you with hundreds of projects that call themselves sustainable. To know which projects are really sustainable will take proper research and will depend on which conditions you set before calling a project sustainable. Several international sustainability organizations together, including Green Destinations

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The lifecycle of tourism

Lifecycle of tourism

Sustainability Blog Lifecycle of tourism 8.11 The lifecycle of tourism   Already in 1980 Prof. Richard W. Butler wrote about a possible negative tourism cycle. In his own words he wrote: Visitors will come to an area in small numbers initially, restricted by lack of access, facilities, and local knowledge. As facilities are provided and

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Shaman cave in Otavalo Ecuador

Spiritual tourism

Sustainability Blog Spiritual tourism 8.7 Spiritual tourism and the abuse of cultural traditions   In a busy world were more people feel stressed, ancient, and exotic ways to ‘cure’ this stress are growing quickly in popularity. One of these exotic ways is participation in spiritual ceremonies with special plant extracts. The two most popular in

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