Special thanks!

Thanks to everyone who made this website and book possible

While writing the book Tourism vs Climate Change and making this website I spend a lot of time in a Peruvian lockdown looking through a window over the Pacific Ocean…

Since this Covid-19 pandemic is very harsh on the existence of my travel agency, I’d like to believe that I’ve been using my additional ‘free time’ in a useful way by writing my book Tourism vs Climate Change and creating this website. However, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplice this without the help of my family, friends and many other people who believe in my goal to make tourism more sustainable. I’d like to write a special thanks to:

Alina G.
Anke P.
Annika L.
Berry P.
Christian S.
Christina P.
Christof S.
Coby and Klaas S.
Elfride B.
Frank F.
Frank M.
Hannah K.
Janne A.
Jennifer H.
Joke S.
Maélla Design -> Creative designer

Maggie U.
Marc N.
Marjolein O.
Maya L.G.
Miriam P.
Naomi S.
Nick G.
Onno J.
Paul H.
Peter S.
Peter v.d.Z. -> Content writer and editor
Sam O. -> Spanish teacher and language specialist
Thorsten H.
Vanesa P.
Zemfira S.