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Environmental friendly and sustainable tips for traveling and tourism.

Default sustainable followers

Default Sustainable

Sustainability Blog Default Sustainable The Default Sustainability Approach What if we can make our society and tourism more sustainable without having to change much of our human belief structures? This approach is called: “The sustainable environmental friendly default approach”. A study in Nature looked at non-monetary incentives that encourage pro-environmental behavior and can contribute to combating

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Geothermal power and clean energy

Geothermal Power

Sustainability Blog Geothermal Power Unlimited clean energy and tourism?   Geothermal energy is heat derived within the sub-surface of the earth. Water and/or steam carry the geothermal energy to the Earth’s surface. Depending on its characteristics, geothermal energy can be used for heating purposes or be harnessed to generate clean electricity. Globally, geothermal energy is

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Power of movement

Power of movement

Sustainability Blog The power of movement The power of movement inspires   The title of this short positive video about the First of January is actually “Movement Inspires”. It’s a great inspiring video about the importance of movement, movement from exercise and traveling, but also movement of the spirit and the soul. Like when

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Izhcayluma sustainable eco lodge


Sustainability Blog Izhcayluma 14.5 Izhcayluma Eco Lodge Many new (fancy) Eco Lodges aim on high end tourism, which makes them vulnerable to fluctuations and often put them out of price range for national tourism. Instead the rustic Izhcayluma Eco Lodge in Vilcabamba, Ecuador has come close to implementing many of the recommendations about sustainable tourism.

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