The power of movement

The power of movement inspires


The title of this short positive video about the First of January is actually “Movement Inspires”. It’s a great inspiring video about the importance of movement, movement from exercise and traveling, but also movement of the spirit and the soul. Like when your move touches someone else his/ her heart.

But in relation to this website I called this article the power of movement, because movement isn’t only important to us. I fact, years ago a university teacher asked me the question: “What is the most important in the universe?” I had to think about this and gave some wrong answers until I finally understood. “Time”, time is the most important in the universe, because without it, nothing happens.

The professor told me that he frequently asked this question to his students. Ideally on a Friday, so they could think the whole weekend about their answer. Most of his students guessed wrong, like I did, because we often underestimate the importance of time. This was also exactly the reason why the professor asked this question to his students, as he wanted to make them aware of the importance of time.

When we have time, we often take this time for granted and waste much of it with things that are ultimately not very important. We all know the feeling of regret from; I should have done that, or I should have said that, but now it is too late. The moment has passed, or the person has left your life too soon, while you thought you still had all the time of the world.

Power of movementSo time is important, but without movement there is no time, hence the power of movement. Movement is what keeps our clocks ticking, our world turning and the universe expanding. So movement is powerful and inspirational. And as you can read on this website the movement of people and between people is very important for our society. It is the power of sustainable movement that can ultimately help our society and even slow down climate change. So let this video above inspire you to travel, open your mind and move the hearts of others!

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